Intel's ultra-thin notebook "Intel Mobile Metro Notebook" Introduction Movie

It is said to be an introduction movie of "Intel Mobile Metro Notebook", an ultra-thin laptop computer with Windows Vista developed by Intel.

Although it is a laptop computer that is thin enough to overturn the common sense up to now, as another feature Windows Vista supports, it is possible to check mails on the auxiliary display without starting up a PC "Windows Vista SideShowIt is said that equipped with a large auxiliary display adopting electronic paper for the purpose.

You can actually see the movie using the auxiliary display, but this may be useful.

Details are as follows.
This is "Intel Mobile Metro Notebook". In the latter half, there are also LG notebook computers that also correspond to "Windows Vista SideShow", and Samsung's UMPC and other things are emerging.
YouTube - AeroExperience's Metro Laptop Video

It seems that power consumption is quite small.

In addition, the following link "Intel Mobile Metro Notebook" is introduced with photos.

Notebook Supermodel: Intel Unveils Metro, World's Thinnest Laptop, Almost Skinny as a RAZR - Gizmodo

Viewed from the side.

Closed place. It is a waste-free design.

Compared to folding type mobile phones. It is fairly thin.

This place is like this.

The keyboard is also petty.

This is the auxiliary liquid crystal on the back.

When considering carrying, it is worrisome about durability ....

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