Gun action game with stick man playing the leading role "wpnFire Game"

It is an action game where a stick man with no body has different guns and knocks down enemies. Although it looks simple, weapon types are substantial.

Access is from the following.
WpnFire shooting Flash Game

Let's grasp the movement with "Training" at the very beginning.

Training in progress. Operation is jumping crouching Jump in WSAD, shooting with mouse click, type of weapon swapping with Q and E.

The game has various modes. Main is an adventure mode.

It is stage clear type action.

Although the damage given by USP is low, since the shooting speed is fast, there is no bullet limit and the early stage is indebted.

This is the first boss. I approached at high speed and started head butting (?).

Equipment will be changed if you take a floating weapon.

Huge enemy. You have a lot of physical strength, so let's pick a weapon firmly.

Next boss. In order to beat down, it is necessary to avoid missile attacks well, but it is quite tough.

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