Game music made with Mario Paint

Super Nintendo software "Mario Paint" which was released by Nintendo in 1992. This software draws pictures using the enclosed mouse, creates animation and enjoy mini games, but reproduces various game music using composition function which is one of such functions doing.

Details are as below.
Tetris' main theme.
YouTube - Mario Paint Tetris Theme

Song of Dr. Wiley Stage of Rockman 2.
YouTube - Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily's Stage 1 Theme on Mario Paint

Final fantasy 4 battle songs.
YouTube - Final Fantasy Four Battle Theme on Mario Paint

Street fighter 2's Chunri stage.
YouTube - Street Fighter Two Chun Li's Stage on Mario Paint

Also the Street Fighter 2 's Guile Stage.
YouTube - Street Fighter Two Guile's Stage on Mario Paint

The theme of Robo of Chrono Trigger.
YouTube - Robo's Theme from Chrono Trigger on Mario Paint

Akumajo Dracula 2's "Bloody Tears".
YouTube - Simon's Quest Mario Paint

A song when I entered the capsule with Rockman X.
YouTube - Mega Man X Capsule Theme on Mario Paint

Sonic the Hedgehog's green hill stage song.
YouTube - Sonic the Hedgehog on Mario Paint

· Bonus

"Saints' March" using all 15 kinds of sounds that can be used in Mario Paint.
YouTube - Mario Paint (All Sounds Used)

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