Gakken, DS software for learning "Gakken DS New TOEIC test complete capture" released

TOEIC countermeasure software for Nintendo DS that allows users of any level to use safely, making full use of the know-how of the new TOEIC countermeasure that Gakken has cultivated with books and software so far "Gakken DS New TOEIC test complete captureIt will be released from August 30th. Price is 3990 yen including tax.

"Lesson mode by score" in which the optimum learning is developed to the user's goal score, "mimicry mode" which reproduced 200 tests for 2 hours, "training by part" and "important words / idioms lesson" can be used In addition, by installing a convenient "memo" function when solving listening problems and long-term reading comprehension problems, it is possible to learn "anytime, anywhere" on one DS.

I often see many people who are playing "brain training" in the train, but will the number of people studying English increase from now on?

Details are as follows.
Gakken, Nintendo DS software "Gakken DS New TOEIC test complete capture" released in August

According to this release, the "Gakken DS New TOEIC Test Complete Capture" to be released this time will be held every year for more than 1.5 million people to take the examTOEIC"Learning software for examinees who seems to be able to" practical and efficient learning anytime, anywhere "according to the score level that I am aiming from people who take the exams for the first time to those who aim for high scores.

First of all, after confirming how powerful you are with "performance test", you can learn in the following modes.

· Lesson mode by score: Mode to learn according to the target score.
· Part-specific training mode: Mode to learn by TOEIC part.
· Examination mode: Mode in which you can experience 200 hours of actual examination for 2 hours. Estimated score is also calculated.
· Vocabulary · Phrasing Enhancement Lessons: Learn intensively 2200 important words / idioms.

In addition, it seems that the following functions are installed as a function to support training.

· Memo function: A useful function for solving listening and long-term reading comprehension problems.
· Calendar setting: Please let us know the number of days remaining until the exam date.
· Status screen: Displays the learning history such as the expected score of the trial test and the correct answer rate by part.

This is the play screen.

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