A puzzle game 'Star Search' that finds a star somewhere on the stage

It is a game to find stars with a total of 35 stages. There are a variety of puzzles, from those that are almost intuitive to those that you can't understand without thinking.



title screen

Stage select. In the initial state, the rightmost column and the bottom column are hidden.

If you say that the stars are hidden in this, it's decided in the block.

It came out. I feel like I've seen the placement of this block somewhere.

If you put the top on it, it will become a star.

It is clear if you draw a star, but if you hit a thorn, you will start over from the beginning.

Match the picture that moves with the movement of the mouse to the shape of the star.

16 piece puzzle

Where and where do you connect to become a star?

Make a star with the string 'I WILL FIND A STAR'.

It looks like a line is drawn, but a star is hidden somewhere.

How to collect arrows to make a star ...?

The end credit was also an image of a star.

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