Startup speed comparison movie of "VAIO type T" equipped with flash memory

In the previous articleVGN-TZ50B "standard specification VAIO type T and VAIO owned model" VGN-TZ90S "with photosHowever, for the "VGN-TZ90S", not only the latest Core 2 Duo is used for the CPU, but also both 32 GB flash memory and 160 GB HDD are loaded, which makes it It seems that the startup speed is significantly increased compared with that.

I tried to compare how far it actually is going up.

Details are as follows.
The left is the owner model "VGN-TZ90S" equipped with flash memory, the right is the over-the-counter sales model "VGN-TZ50B" equipped with the conventional HDD.

By the way, detailed specifications of the over-the-counter sales model "VGN-TZ50B" of the standard specification are like this.

The CPU has CeleronM 1.2 GHz, 1 GB of memory installed. OS is Windows Vista Home Premium.

"Windows Experience Index"2.5. It is a form where graphics are pulling legs. If there is 3.0 there is a level that Vista's Aero function can be used without stress ....

Adopt Toshiba 's 80 GB HDD for HDD.

Then VAIO Owner Made Model "VGN-TZ90S" spec.

CPU has Core 2 Duo's U7600 (1.2 GHz), 2 GB memory. The OS is also Windows Vista Home Premium.

"Windows Experience Index" is 2.0. It is the same as the one of the standard specification, with graphics pulling legs. Oh, 2.0?

32 GB flash memory on boot drive.

160GB HDD is also carried.

In addition, while the standard specification model is launched in about 65 seconds after pushing the switch, the owner-maid model is running in about 45 seconds. It is approximately 2/3 calculation. It seems to be one of the reasons why startup time has been accelerated, even if the installed CPU is different, even if it is taken into consideration, it is too early. I think that it can be said that the improvement of the startup speed by loading the flash memory was sufficient.

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