Small personal refrigerator that feeds from the USB port

Temperatures in the daytime will soon come up and you may want a cold drink during work. In such a case, if you have this refrigerator you can cool the drink for a while just by the PC so you can get a chilled drink without standing. The size is 19.4 cm × 9 cm × 9 cm, so we do not take places so much.

Details are as follows. - USB Mini Fridge

It is a small size that can be placed next to the PC, which is one 350 ml can.

Just plug it in the USB port.

It looks like a toy, but the inside is cool.

The price is $ 33 (4000 yen). It is probably this kind of thing because "Cool with USB hot" which can be used for both cooling and heat retention which was once sold at Sankoreramono shop was about 4980 yen.

USB hot and cool

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