When I bought a set with a toy at McDonalds, I found marijuana from inside

When I bought a happy set at McDonald 's, I think children will be delighted if two toys come out. However, it can not be funny to say that it was not a toy, but a set of marijuana and pipe. Why such a ridiculous thing has happened ....

Details are as follows.
One family came to visit Ottawa from Chicago and entered McDonald 's drive - through, purchasing a Happy Meal Set (like a Japanese happy set?). When the 8-year old daughter tried opening the box, although two toys which should originally have only one are coming out from inside, I was delighted, but I asked my father because I did not know what it was It was. When my father delivered it to the police, it means that it was a set of marijuana, a pipe and a lighter.

McDonald 's an outrageous set came out.

This seems to be that McDonald 's 17 - year - old clerk secretly hidden in the box of Happy Meal Set, mistakenly handed it to the customer. Is it that the meaning of happiness was a different set ...?

The article which conveyed the news is as follows. There is also local news video.

MyFox Chicago | Happy Meal Sold With Pot, Pipe and Lighter

Fast Food: McDonald's Employee Hides Pot Stash In Happy Meal Box, Gives Happy Meal To Child - Consumerist

In New Zealand, grandparents bought a happy meal set for a 7-year old grandson, and it seems that there may be a case where a condom came out from inside.

FOXNews.com - Condom Found in McDonald's Happy Meal, Reports Say - Business And Money | Business News | Financial News

Happy set really different meaning.

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