I tried drinking "fresh green tea real pleasure" of bitterness bitterness

New product "Raw tea" released on May 15th, "Raw Tea Dashi" is bought because it was lined up in convenience stores. SellingKirin's siteAccording to, it is said that you can taste deep rich harmony of "scent, sweetness, bitterness and astringent", can you feel the real pleasure of tea?

Details are as below.
Kirin Beverage | Raw Tea | Raw Tea Product Information

The tea leaves are domestically produced 100%. "Kabuse Sencha" "Covered Tea" "Gyokuro" which is also used in normal tea green tea is added "Mowing turn" with strong scent and taste.

And the amount of tea leaves is 1.2 times.

I pour the real pleasure into the cup.

This is normal tea. The color is thin compared to the real thrill.

By arranging, you can see that the color is completely different.

The taste is quite dark, feeling bitter I feel numb with tasting on both sides of the tongue. There is no light sweetness like the normal version, and seems to be able to enjoy the deep flavor of the core of tea leaves. Since bitterness and astringency of green tea have been drawn out, when you drink while tasting, your stomach is full. I do not know if this is the real pleasure, but green tea is not perfect for those who are drastic and drastic.

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