"QTFairUse 6 - 2.5" to release the latest iTunes 7.1.2 DRM has appeared

I have totally overtaken the aspect of the situation, is it okay? However, Apple recentlyI am beginning to show DRM-free movementsAlthough it seems that it does not become a problem as much as before, still it is a reality that the view that DRM is essential for most music rights companies is essential.

By the way, using this "QTFairUse", you can release DRM for music files purchased by yourself, so that you can safely keep your original sound source at hand in any way you like. Also,ITunes StoreYou can also play songs purchased with other MP3 players owned by others.

Details are as follows.
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The source code is also published, and it is said that it is free open source software as a kind.

In addition, this "QTFairUse" itself was released in November 2003, and the rest has been renewed all the while and it continues to be released.

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As far as I confirmed for Mac, there is no such software, but "FairGameSoftware calledSimilar thingsI will do it.

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