Linux infringes 235 Microsoft patents

According to Microsoft's claim, various free software groups including the Linux kernel have totaled 235 infringement of Microsoft's patents though it is already reported in various places. Microsoft has always claimed that "Linux infringes Microsoft on patents" every time, but it is the first time that specific numbers have been revealed.

There are 42 Linux kernels, 65 GUI design related Linux projects, 45 related to Microsoft Office, 15 e-mail related, 68 others.

But what the move Microsoft will be doing has already been included in the Linux campaign and countermeasures have already been prepared. Details are as follows.
First of all, I would like to mention the articles covered about this subject.

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The details of the specific countermeasures are as follows.

Microsoft claims software like Linux violates its patents - May 28, 2007

There are several companies that have strong support in the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) area, and among them, IBM, Sony Phillips, Novell, RedHat, NEC are quite powerful, already already in 2005 We will purchase software related patents on November 10 and offer them royalty free "Open Invention Network"This organization has been established to acquire and offer free of any patent which agreed not to exercise patents against Linux and various free software included in it. In other words, it is a measure against Moro to come up with a bad character saying "Do not infringe a patent" like Microsoft.

Incidentally, I have one card in itRedHat's then announcedAccording to the forecast, the global Linux business will grow by 25.9% per year between 2005 and 2008 and will double from $ 20 billion to more than $ 40 billion. And because the patent business will hurt this market growth, Linux is like Linux, so that we can make it profitable on completion.

In addition to Microsoft's claim, it is very likely that this Open Invention Network will automatically take countermeasures automatically if sueing Linux related patent infringement, in which case a patent war in the court will occur Maybe.

What is more problematic than anything else from whom Microsoft intends to obtain patent royalties, so-called "royalties" ...... It can not be a direct request to the developer community ... ... RedHat?

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