Indoor slider that can quickly land on the ground

If even this is installed, it seems to be able to return to the ground immediately even in the event of a fire or other emergency. The tube that seems to come out in the anticipated future figure winds with Gunegune, but is the safety aspect okay?

Details are as below.
It seems that she slides down by putting her body in a bag to avoid injuries caused by friction.

Tate Modern | Past Exhibitions | The Unilever Series: Carsten Holler

The entrance looks something like this.

Since the upper half of the tube is transparent, you can see the figure of a person sliding inside.

Quite a few twists.

The exit is like this.

It seems that this slide, actually an art work that was set up at the Tate Art Museum, not an emergency escape device, was actually available for experiences.

British Life Information Weekly Magazine - British News Digest - A huge slide appeared in the museum from UK

According to Carlsten Fuller, the creator of the slide, this is "a device to experience the state of mind between pleasure and insanity". Some of the guests invited before opening to the public seems to be a little dangerous art as some people were injured by experiencing the slide.

The movie that seems to actually slide down is as follows.

A descent from the 5th floor at the point of view of a sliding person.
YouTube - 14 secs of Carsten Holler

This is from the 3rd floor. It will be in a flash.
YouTube - Sliding down at the Tate Modern


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