"Chork" where chopsticks and forks are united

Chopsticks (chopsticks) which are hurdles for foreigners by all means because of their difficulty of use, but it seems that even foreigners have become easy to use due to the appearance of "Chork" which was combined with the forks. With this, it may be easy to entertain foreigners at Japanese restaurants.

I only feel like seeing just a chopstick rest.

Details are as follows.
Chork 1

According to this page, this "Chork" is made of wood and it seems that it costs 17 dollars (about 2000 yen) for a meal. Using this "Chork" means that dishes using Asian chopsticks will be easier to eat. In short it is tweezers?

Viewed from the top.

Looking from the side like this. Is it easy to hold ...?

It seems that three kinds of materials can be chosen.

Perhaps it seems hard to eat because it is because you are familiar with chopsticks.

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