A little grotesque art with motifs of bones and wars Various

It is a kind of art that used motifs and wars as motifs, and it is a lot of objects that got a grotesque impression. It is built up to details and you can see that various things are expressed when you look closely. Is Erogro the basic of art as well?

Details are as follows.
"Lust and Self-Abuse"

"The Anatomy Of War". It looks like a gigantic soldier.

A feet is a mountain of rubble.

"The Last Judgment"

"The Palace of Hedonism"

"The Mouth Of Hades"

Behind the sight of the rug is a face that looks exactly like President Bush ....

"The House of Fascism"

"Idosl of Hypocrisy"

"Mary Militia"

"Interstellar War Machine"

It is Kris Kuksi who made these and seems to be a person who is handling a lot of such mysterious art.


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