Made with 7464 matches, like the real Eiffel Tower

It seems that I made an Eiffel Tower by making 7464 match rods 15,000 parts. What a height is 1 meter.

Not only is it reproduced precisely to fine details, but it is very fine, as it glows like an LED to properly show real things.

Details are as follows.
A tool to use is like this. There is even a syringe.

I got a match stick. It is fine and fine.

I am concerned about strength.

The part which is becoming an arch is well reproduced.

I looked up. Is it really a match stick?

Base part. Matches are tightly spread.

I looked up at the arch-shaped part. I do not think it is a human skill.

The inside is like this.

Although I tried to shine with LEDs attached to various places, apparently it seems to connect the power adapter here.

LED is embedded.

I changed the angle and saw it.

The top is like this.

Overall view. The height is 1 meter.

It becomes like this when it glows dark and light. Very beautiful.

The following links have original photos and various other pictures.

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