Minotaur rocket showing beautiful blowing flames

It is a movie with beautiful burning flame of Minotaur rocket designed for mounting small satellites on the screen. As the plume leaves the trajectory in the sky, the spectacle which can also be called light art spreads.

Details are as below.
A sight that seems to come out to the dragon ball.
YouTube - Vandenberg Rocket Launch

Minotaur rocket with TacSat-2.
YouTube - TacSat-2 launch

A movie I saw from a further distance. The sky dyed red makes a fantastic scenery.
YouTube - Minotaur I Space Launch, TacSat-2 Satellite

You can check the plume which will not disappear for a long time.
YouTube - Minotaur Launch

Minotaur rocket launched on 24 April 2007 at local time. If an unknown person sees it, it may look like a UFO.
YouTube - NFIRE Launch Video

From the link below you can see the picture of light drawn by the Minotaur rocket.

Funny Pictures: Trace from a US rocket Minotaur

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