Headline news on 26th April 2007

There are many people who will enter long-term consecutive holidays from this weekend, but the American airline Cheap Skybus isSell ​​tickets for 10 dollars (about 1200 yen) each wayIt is said to be. "It is not a sales promotion measure only for a few weeks", it seems to continue with this great special price, can profitable?

By the way, it is not an aircraft when it is called skybus in Japan,Two-story open bus with no roofIt is used for sightseeing in Tokyo.

So, tomorrowApril 27. In 1917, the first ekiden "The Tokaido 52th Kanto Kansai Ekiden Ekiden Relay" was held, in 1946 the first police officer in the Metropolitan Police Department was adopted, in 1954 the "Roman Holiday" was released in Japan It was done. And in 1966 Yoshihiro Togashi praised manga "HUNTER × HUNTER", the main character Kirby of the game software "Star Kirby" was born in 1992, Maeda Toshiie in 1599, in 1989 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. founder · Konosuke Matsushita said that in 2005 the founder of Nippon Ham, Taisha Yoshinori died. Also, on April 27th, Socrates died of poison in 399 BC and became a day of philosophy from the death of a crime.

Today's headline news.

ITmedia Biz.ID: How to spend a long vacation without regret [Problem](Lifestyle, if you have a break you can do anything)

NES, the latest software for 13 years!?: Gizmodo Japan (Gizmodo Japan)(Game, NES software developed in TV program)

Yahoo! Search guaranteed within 20th, rental server with SEO - @ IT(Server, refund fee for three months in case it did not fall within 20th in 6 months)

"Companies I Want to Employ" ranking TOP 30 companies(Ranking by business, temporary service company)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: How many kilometers per hour is the washing machine(There seems to be speed corresponding to the sound, net sound)

(; ^ Ω ^) (Advertisements, impressive CMs and unpleasant CMs are paper weights)

"FlickrBlockr" to make it be okay even if it is taken and released to the public | 100 SHIKI.COM(Accessories, like things that do not make sense)

This is cool! I can create just a news site - Newsvine Renewal | Enterprise | My Communication Journal(Net service, perfect for people who love news)

Japan.internet.com Daily Research - 60% or more use "CRT TV", recording is "VCR" 60%(Home electronics, is it safe to transfer to terrestrial digital broadcasting?)

Business Media Makoto: Looking at photos, latest Kansai PiTaPa circumstances(Digital, services that can use PiTaPa in various ways)

Game * Spark -: Hmm ... what? The red light of death lights up on the Xbox 360 elite just before launch?(What is the breakdown rate of the game Elite)

Game * Spark -: "Hard" keyboard for Wii is under development?(Game, Logitech game keyboard)

Waking up is Lamborghini 's "Gui" and | Response.(Espresso machine which makes gadget, Lamborghini's car image)

ITmedia + D LifeStyle: Relationship between the 71st Zoo and the Walk (1/4)(Digital camera, how to use the camera in the zoo)

ITmedia News: Digital camera shipments, negative growth in 2011(Digital camera, has it almost reached the person who wants to get it?)

Love Love Documento Pack Rico - The winner of those who made me think "TBS again!"(About the mass communication, TBS bashing)

ALBERT, "Finds Always Hit" Similarity Search, Fuzzy Search System Developed - CNET Japan(How much ambiguous is net service, 100%)

Transformers Headphone from Takara Tomy(Accessories, it looks heavy)

"Long talk if you talk for 5 minutes" "E-mails are commonplace in the bath" - Today's youth mobile phone circumstances - CNET Japan(Mobile, mobile phones from the mobile phone is higher from the PC)

Interview with Alpha bloggers carefully at Blog Herald(Blog, interview to influential people)

Try it: Gutten: Past broadcast: I waited in the brain! Impulse buying pounding psychology(Psychology, reasons leading to impulse buying)

[N] Tamo's curry recipe "Plain Tamori"(No vegetables as food, plain)

ITmedia News: Sony enters video sharing service "eyeVio" started(Net service, how far can we keep up with other video sharing services from now?)

ITmedia Enterprise: Google AdWords Cyber ​​Attack Exploit(Virus, attack by site accessed from advertisement)

Slashdot Japan | The second investigation material Winny leaked respectively from Hokkaido police and Aichi prefectural police(Net, outflow from family)

Window Forest - 【NEWS】 Text editor to automatically encrypt documents so that they can not be read by other PC "Crypto Notepad"(Software, information management is important)

Slashdot Japan | Human rights on robots too?(Human rights, Doraemon likely)

Slashdot Japan | Part of high-power RFID tag system affects cardiac pacemaker(Notification of about 200 systems at the site of digital, delivery and inventory control)

Morinaga, launched chewing candy "Hichu "(Diet, people who like plums need check)

Yahoo! Travel, start offering "travel memos"(Share online information, travel diaries and word of mouth information)

■ (PDF file)About basic agreement on management integration(Memo, business integration with company that Doutor operates such as Pasta's Goemon, etc.)

Expansion of service area in April 2007 ~ Construction of base stations is going well ~(It seems that mobile, eMobile area is spreading smoothly)

Mihama Mukihiro's misunderstanding(Manga, white is narrowing during consecutive frames in time)

Swiss watch brand industry chart | Features | TOKEI ZANMAI - Watch Sanpaki - a site that enjoys mechanical watches(Industry, three major watch brands of Switzerland: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Bachelon Constantin)

■ (PDF file)Gartner Japan Announces Japanese PDA / Handheld PC Market Research Survey Results and Forecasts Shipments in 2006 shipped to 526 thousand units, up 115.2% from the previous year In 2005, 558 thousand units are projected to grow at 6.2%, a moderate growth forecastWhat is the restoration of memo, mobile gear and sigmarion?

Preinstalled JWord plug-in on Alo System's PC ~ Expanding the environment where JWord can be easily used ~(Software, JWord plugin preinstalled more PCs)

AQUOS high-definition recorder will be released | News release: Sharp(Hardware, AQUOS with VHS deck)

~ 2006 The worldwide market size of smartphones is 144.55 million ~(Note, smartphone market expansion with WM 6?)

■ (PDF file)Kakaku.com and Inauguration, Newly Established Information Retrieval Site Specialized in Condominiums "Apartment DB Beta Version" Started - Aim for Sommelier of Apartment Selection -(Internet service, home appliances as well as apartments)

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