Linux officials rushed into the lecture by Chairman Bill Gates and made a fuss

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who was visiting China, gave a lecture at Peking University on April 20, and during the award ceremony for students after the lecture, ' Free software! Source code released. A man holding a paper with a meaning like ' Shiro! ' Came up on the stage and broke in, shouted ' I oppose Microsoft's monopoly! ' In English, and was taken out by the police.

This man seems to be the representative of China, an NGO that appeals for the spread of Linux in China.

the detail is right below.

Open source protester crashes Bill Gates speech at Chinese university

视频: 盖 Ibaraki Hokkaido University speech treatment 袭

Wow thug! ?? Peking University Hiyari to the man protesting Gates 2007/04/20 (Friday) 21:19:36 [China Information Bureau]

I'm protesting with a piece of paper

I was taken out as it was. Bill Gates wasn't injured.

What prompted him to do so far ...

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