Movie advertising the Turtles using the walls of 25 m buildings

I am promoting the movie of the movie 'Teenage Mutant · Ninja Turtles (TMNT)' by using the wall surface of 25 m high office building. The place is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it seems that the Turtles in reality actually appeared, as well as flowing advertisement images.

Details are as follows.
YouTube - A Chegada - Tartarugas Ninja na Av. Paulista (TMNT)

The picture can be seen from the following.

TMNT na Paulista - a photoset on Flickr

In Brazil, movies will be released from April 13th. The official site is below, you can see strange movies from "MENU" → "TECHNOLOGIA".


The movie has also been uploaded to YouTube. Contents such as Rafaelo running through the town with skating and helping people.
YouTube - Skate

This is the official movie site by Warner Bros.

TMNT The Official Movie Website

Warner Bros. Official Website in JapanThe Turtles' character has no shadow and shape. It started from April "Mutant TurtlesWill not we aim for a synergistic effect in cooperation with?

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