Headline news on 9th April 2007

Whether it has something to do with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,Yakult Lady started home delivery in Beijing cityIt is said to be. In Japan, the official introduction was done in 1963, and nowAbout 50,000 Yakult Ladies throughout the countryIt is said that there is. There are also places where Yakult Lady comes in the office, but there are people who are notorious for thinking that there is no one who does not know this product in Japan, but in addition to beveragesGreen noodle ramenIt seems that it also sells. Do you sell Yakult Ramen in China, too?

So, tomorrowApril 10, On the Gregorian calendar it is just the 100th day from the beginning of the year, the Titanic departed on 10th April 1912, the Beatles disbanded on 10th April 1970, the Seto Ohashi bridge on 10th April 1988 Operation started. Also in 1950 Wada Akiko was born, followed by Steven Segal in 1951 and then famous movie critic Koji Yodokawa in 1909.

So today's headline news.

0-day vulnerability discovered in Ichitaro | net | My Combi Journal(Infected when reading viruses, document files)

Simpson family's father submitted iPod Linux virus specimen? - F-Secure | Internet | My Computer Journal(A note, a virus for portable players submitted by a person naming "Homer / Simpson")

Five ways to raise salary more certainly now | P O P * P O P(Work, it may be worth a try)

Apologies! Which is the correct apology pattern? - All About(There are times when the situation does not improve by merely apologizing in business, sincerely)

Technique to obfuscate the real person's voice by obscuring the responsibility of the idea notes(Work, get rid of the other party's responsibility in easy-to-speak situations)

Himazu blog - Job techniques for people who work only 4 hours a week(Job and life are for enjoying, so let's create a good free time)

Let's experience "2.0 way of working" · Japan's Web 2.0 (second part) 【Column】? Internet - Latest news: IT-PLUS(Web 2.0, "Employee 1.0" to "Employee 2.0")

Sports Navi | Aiming to escape from 'Spellanker' Weekly Hawks Communication Vol.3(Sports, nickname is Hydoy)

In the new function "My Maps" of Google Maps, I made a local guide with pictures! : RBB TODAY (Broadband information site) 2007/04/06(Google, they seem to have actually made it)

British government to introduce 'speaking surveillance camera' - blog world negative reaction - CNET Japan(Security, warns you to throw away garbage on speakers attached to the camera)

Government of Malaysia to consider introducing registration system in blog | News from Bangkok news bulletin | newsclip.be(Blog, powerful people in the world love information control)

Meiji University School of Commerce "Challenge of blog entrepreneurism" second year: ITpro(Blog, shock from college students of this time and failure example of last year is very helpful)

ITmedia News: IP Mobile, abandonment of mobile business due to financial difficulties(Mobile, it was uneasy about financing capability but it is assumed and this result ... ...)

I was told from my friend that "You can appeal that you are using Linux." really. : ITpro(Linux, maybe it will not)

ITmedia News: Microsoft announces further office expansion plan(Microsoft, securing office for new 4000 people)

Net feeling of Nanarok generation - Different viewpoints(Generation where Windows 95 was released just when entering university)

Japanese animated style from India aiming for Virgin Comics (4/8)(Aiming at animation industry, Japanese style animation and comic)

Clothing department is "Moe" (Miunosuke Kawaguchi's "Origin of Nippon Making Things"): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Life, the eyes of the mannequin glitterily)

| ^^ | Byozine: Understood in 3 minutes! "Doraemon New Makai Great Adventure" spoilers for those who can not see(Anime, that secret tool does not come out)

Christopher Reeve's "Superman" costume, bidding at about 1372 million yen | Excite News(Movie, costume used in "Superman" published in 1978)

Microsoft is Dead(Word, "Google" "Ajax" "Broadband" "Apple" four killed Microsoft)

ITmedia Anchor desk: "EMI has nothing to do" - waste of DRM free and "CCCD" and Japan (1/5)(I did not expect music, music industry and CCCD to strengthen DRM)

11 important conditions for becoming a leader (notebook 2.0)(Work, leadership is not the exercise of power)

What I'm happy to buy at 100 yen shop(I want a life, clipboard)

Let's save more than entering insurance (strategic · housekeeping operation): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Life, medical insurance is supplementary role of saving)

Leave the promotion and the enclosure strategy to you! Seven carefully selected SNS construction services for enterprises | Web personnel Forum(SNS, the success and failure depends on customer base, although it also has operating know-how)

"ImgRed" which can easily quote images from other sites | 100 SHIKI.COM(Will net service, dangerous images be deleted from ImgRed?)

The net and human seen from my eyes(There is also a function to import all the bookmarks of software and Firefox, making it easy to switch)

Shockwave of "net connection 0 yen" (crowd superflow): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Free public wireless LAN service, FON already has the maximum number of connections in 9500 locations)

Twitter is too intriguingly interesting and Japanese Twitter tools various | caramel * vanilla(It seems that it is more interesting that net service, production efficiency of IT industry may decline)

ANA easy-to-understand news delivery(Although it is not delivered as a corporate blog or news release, it transmits useful information to passengers)

Livedoor news - former champion Takehara's strange blog "Okay" in the comments rush(Blog, characterized by less bashing)

Third Mutation YouTube - New Idea Framed Inside - CNET Japan(Advertisement, YouTube does not have the idea that the number of play times = price standard)

Far East blog: 2007 prefectural governorate preference(Politics, Mr. Asano is not Edoguchi so people in Tokyo can not support it)

【Today's blog】 Pork is dangerous! Demamer flying over 2007/04/06 (Fri) 20: 16: 00 [China Information Bureau](Blog, "Edible pork is dangerous, some horses now contain pathogenic bacteria of purulent encephalitis" in hoax)

I tried assembling Intel's 30th anniversary bike!: Digital Appliances Information Site: Digital Freak 2007/04/06(Second Life, actually assembled and running)

FujiSankei Business i. Personal computer peripherals / parts / Crystal USB pendant "Shining Lash (Kirash)"(Hardware, who will buy these kind of things?)

STMicroelectronics Press Release April 9, 2007: Computer Technology Institute (ICT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences in China and STMicroelectronics announce joint development of Loongson processor(Hardware, previous Ryusen processor closely resembles MIPS processor)

■ (PDF file)"A series considering healthy leather and coat of pet dog" "One Fufuru health body" new release(Memo, shampoo spotted on the dog's skin)

New release of "3007 WFP-HC" large-sized, high resolution 30-inch wide LCD monitor realizing 92% color reproducibility with new technology(Hardware, colorful display of professional use)

3.5-inch liquid crystal display module released (09 April 2007): Press Release | NEC(VGA display for hardware, high definition and high brightness mobile terminal)

New display "FED" inherited technology from Sony announced(Display based on hardware, Trinitron tube technology, display with enhanced visibility of moving images)

Release of movie subtitles with high definition LCD panel sharp display Release of portable DVD player "DVP - FX 850" - Equipped with liquid crystal panel with total pixel count approximately 3.5 times compared to conventional -(Portable DVD player equipped with WVGA LCD which can completely cover hardware resolution and DVD resolution)

KOKUYO Business Service, Opened The Loan Office "Theo (Teo)" for Lawyers in Kojimachi, Tokyo(Notes, services that anticipate a large increase in lawyers)

My Voice Com regular questionnaire (individual pension)(Note, more than 90% feel uneasy about receipt of future pension)

Press release presentation: "Raku-Raku PHONE Basic" released | Notice | NTT DoCoMo(We also prepare original gift bags and message cards for gifts for mobile, Father's Day and Mother's Day)

■ (PDF file)Food court style, local food club "Kovalachi" where you can enjoy gourmet from 10 of Japan's highest peaks opened on April 19 Namba Parks(Memo, you can enjoy local gourmet easily)

- Fun freely with new style package, box noodle new appearance! - 1. "Nissin Chin sauce yakisoba" 2. "Nissin Chin Goko soba" 3. "Nissin Chin spaghetti" Bolognese "new release guide(Food, instant noodles made with microwave)

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