How much net increase in au of No.1 in net increase in subscriber in 2006?

The other day, it seems that au announced that the number of net additions of subscribers in 2006 (a pure increase number which deducted the number of cancellation from the number of new subscribers) was No. 1. Although it started to appear on the initiative of the MNP (Number Portability) system that started on October 24, 2006, how far has the number of subscribers increased in the end?

In comparison with the net increase of NTT docomo and Vodafone (SOFTBANK MOBILE in September 2006), as a result, it became clear that the net increase in au is more than three times that of docomo, which is overwhelming number I have done it.

Details are as follows.
KDDI au: Thanks to you, au was able to achieve "net increase No.1" in 2006.

According to this release, au is said to have been the number one net increase in the number of net additions by business operator from April 2006 to March 2007. In release we say that it is the result of evaluation of lineup of one-segment compatible terminals, call quality, fee service, safe navigation, "au design project" which has high designing terminals etc.

Then how much net increase actually? I will examine it compared with the net increase of NTT docomo and Vodafone (SOFTBANK MOBILE since September 2006).

The data used for comparison this time is "Band phone / IP connection service (mobile) / PHS / radio call number subscribed" listed on the following page.

Top Page Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA)

This is a graph showing net increase of NTT docomo, au, SoftBank Mobile in 2006. Even single au is overwhelming. In November 2006, NTT DoCoMo had a net decrease. Is this the influence of MNP?

By the way, NTT docomo summed up 1,47,7400, au got 4.617500, SOFTBANK MOBILE (former Vodafone) got 696,600, when sum of net increase in 2006 for each company. The net increase of 4,167,500 is overwhelming, exceeding Willcom 's total number of subscribers as of April 2007, 4,431,400.

The background of this overwhelming net increase is that you are transferring subscribers of Tu - Ka of the same KDDI group to au, but that is amazing.

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