I tried Nissin 'soup's masterpiece perfumes rich salt pork cutlet

New items of "soup master" sold on April 2 were bought because they were lined up in convenience stores. It is a series that sticks to soup every time and has a deep taste, but what kind of contents is it this time?

Details are as below.
Nissin Foods: Product information: Product list: Nisshin Soup Master Zhizuri concentrated salt tonkotsu

Gently · liquid · soup · powder soup · Yuzu remove the seasoning.

Put the powder soup and hot water and warm the liquid soup over the lid.

Open the lid after 4 minutes.

Injection of liquid soup and Yuzu Shichigi. The oil is taply.

Completion by stirring well.

Soup is pretty rich according to the product name. It is milky tongue-tongue taste, there is a deep soup itself, but the soup itself is huge, but the taste of the chewiness is damaged by the Yuzu Shichigi. It may be a matter of preference, but it has become a refreshing yuzu for a thick soup, and a refreshing taste due to the unbalanced spicy taste. Noodle is also ordinary like the series so far, so it was a bit disappointing overall.

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