Art made using laminated glass, people seem to be confined

It is art using Beijing-born artist Xia Xiaowan, laminated glass and special pencil.

Every work has a human motif, but it seems like a work depicting strange shapes, because the point of focus has changed. Though it looks three-dimensional, he seems to be trapped inside, so he holds a magical feeling somehow.

Details are as follows.
"Moult". It does not look like molting ....

"Old Man".

"Squatted Man". I thought it was a high jump of swimming.

"Combination of forms". I am afraid of my eyes.

"Descending Soul No. 2". Looks like a crouching posture. Transparent body expression is beautiful.

"Double Head". It looks like a skeleton.

"Four heads". It is like a baby, it is also like a senior citizen.

"Head No. 5".

"On the face". Meat is slacking at the neck.

"Return". Is it where you are thrusting your head to return to your womb?


Many illustrations of this person are magical. Two people intertwined.

Works that seem to have become "Squatted Man".

Other works and detailed data are from the following.

Galerie Meile

Xia Xiaowan (Chinese), 1959: Prasentierte Kunstwerke, Ausstellungen und Biografie vonaye gallery

Details about laminated glass are here. Usually it seems to enjoy the overlapping layer.

Interior laminated glass made by pasting glass

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