Two weeks in a closed space sunk in the lake, self-sufficiency living experiment

A marine biologist named Lloyd Godson in Australia started the first experiment "The BioSUB Project" on April 4 in the hermetically sealed space submerged in the bottom of the lake, living in self-sufficiency for 2 weeks.

It is said that water, electricity and even oxygen are self-sufficient, not to mention food, but how do you plan to live on everyday?

Details are as follows.
Man to Live Underwater for 2 Weeks (Tree Hugger)

According to this article, the experiment "The BioSUB Project" experimentally living self-sufficiently for 2 weeks in a sealed space submerged in water, challenged by Lloyd Godson, uses "algae" as an experimental material.

It seems that Lloyd creates electricity by riding a cycling machine, he forms an cycle by converting carbon dioxide he blew out into oxygen and algae he grew. It seems that this will cover everything you need for your life. By the way, if life becomes difficult, you can escape along the way.

The official site is here.
The BioSUB

The size of the enclosed space is like this.

This is the alga used in the experiment.

Cycling machine.

Where it actually sinks.

Does it succeed successfully ...?

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