Roller coaster with vertical ascent and vertical fall

It is a roller coaster whose rail is quite a feeling of feeling. It is a thrilling ride that runs while adding twists along the way on a rail rising at 90 degrees to the ground.

Details are as below.
"Top thrill, drug star" at the amusement park "Cedar Point" on the shore of Erie on Ohio.

Top Thrill Dragster (Cedar Point)

It is said that it falls from the ground 128 meters and the hourly speed exceeds 190 km.

It is under construction.

The movement like this. It will be seating view from around 2:53 seconds.
YouTube - Top Thrill Dragster

A night movie, I did not see it properly from the middle what happened. If it stops in the accident it looks pretty scary.
YouTube - Top Thrill Dragster Onride Roll Back

A movie that stopped at the top.
YouTube - TTD Stuck

Created in 2005, "Kindaka" who surpassed Guinness records of top thrill / drugstar.

Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure)

The height is 139 meters and the speed is over 200 km.

Construction landscape.

Start from around 53 seconds. It is a movement that looks like a top thrill drag star.
YouTube - Kingda Ka Front Row Video

A movie that I watched from the top without riding a machine.
YouTube - On the top of Kingda Ka

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