Nissin's "Tongara noodle ripe" is as spicy as the package complains

I mentioned earlierNissin's "Tonge noodle" seriesI bought it because it was on sale and it was lined up in convenience stores. Only renewal sold bamboo noodles were found even from Tokyo to Osaka, so it is only two newly released products, but it is painful as impressed by the package.

Details are as follows.
Does the character color of the lid be orange is appealing for hotness?

The heck is a bit red.

Coarse ground red pepper is crimson.

Wait for 3 minutes with hot water.

The color of the skin drops and it looks like ordinary yakisoba.

The liquid sauce is in the color of the source of prawns. It looks spicy and seems to be spicy intensely.

I mixed up. This shrimp is shrimp.

I cooked all the peppers.

Content of Tongari noodles. Various ingredients are included.

3 minutes after putting hot water. This is a hot pepper roasted red pepper paste. It seems to be newly developed ....

Completion. It is red and I can not see the soup.

Mixed soup was red.

I put in a paste. It is a rather dense paste, is it okay?

When I ate it, the fried noodles had only a crispy flavor, it was a bit sweet, and afterwards the spicy spreads throughout the mouth, and it seems to be convinced that spicy = fine and painful. I feel that the sweetness is emphasizing even more hotness. Coarse ground chili peel sticks to the tongue, so my tongue got numb. It may damage the deliciousness if it overloads.

Tonka noodles like spicy ramen, etc. It feels like a spicy cup noodle. It was a characteristic taste recovered, but it was not spicy when putting hot spicy roasted red pepper paste, but the deliciousness increased. I do not know what kind of paste it was, but putting all of this here was fine.

Both spiciness spread in the mouth, but it did not seem to hurt to the throat. Still, it is painful enough, so those who are not good at painful things are better off not having hands in the first place. I do not think people like spicy foods would like it quite a bit.

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