"Pepsi Nex" which got power up and approached Pepsi Cola

I listened to the information that Pepsinex was powered up and bought it at a supermarket in the neighborhood. The package was based on black and the "ZERO" logo was added to appeal zero calories. I thought about trying to compare it with the previous one, but all the Pepsi Nexes in the neighborhood store have already been powered up.

Details are as follows.
Raw materials and ingredients are exactly the same as before. 0 is listed other than energy.

Pour into the glass and try. Carbon dioxide is bursting, but feeling weaker than ordinary Pepsi.

I'll try to go. The bottle is black, but the liquid has a slightly thinner color.

When I drank it was a taste that made me feel the power up. First of all, the previous Nex was a slightly blurred taste, but this time the acidity or the depth increased. Although the zero calorie has not changed, there is an impression that the taste fell to Pepsi rather than Nex. This is a power up success.

Product introduction of Pepsinex is as follows.


As I wrote before in GIGAZINE, Coca-Cola will release Calorie Zero "No Calorie Coca-Cola" from April 2nd of next week, but is the power-up of Nex this time conscious of it?

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