"Made Of Japan" to collect Japanese images from blogs and display them in the form of shoes

Speaking of ASICS, it is a famous Japanese company for competition shoes and sneakers, but before changing its name to ASICS,Onitsuka TigerIt was called the name. It is developing a reprint brand of the same name now, and this site "Made Of Japan" has been released as a part of it. Each mosaic forming Asics's shoes is a collection of Japanese images from blogs in the net, but somehow animation images and images of doujinshi were also scattered and awesome chaos formed It is getting used.

Access is from the following.
Made Of Japan

When you move the mouse cursor to one of the mosaics, the thumbnail image is displayed like this

Click on it again to see which blog the image was on. If you click it as it is, it will move to that blog.

It seems to want to automatically display items made in Japan, but is it OK? ASICS ....

By the way, there are the following sites are official websites, sites created as part of a campaign to expand brands around the world.

Onitsuka Tiger

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