Encyclopaedia of an imaginary parallel world "Codex · Seraphinian"

The contents of the books themselves are written in fictitious artificial languages ​​and are composed of comments and explanations that are not yet accurately decoded, and strange figures, and the illustrations themselves are painted in watercolors. Fictitious parallels of plants and animals, residents, machines, clothing, buildings, cards, chemistry, labyrinths, food, and various strange events are introduced.

It is one of the few things actually existing in existence among famous bizarre books that are said to be numerous in the world, and how much it has reached the original published at that time$ 1,200 to $ 1,500It is a very expensive book traded in.

However, this hypothetical parallel world encyclopedia "Codex Seraphinianus" (Codex Seraphinianus) is published on Flickr all pages. Whether it really is in this book is unknown, but it is quite funny. It may be useful to get inspiration and design change.

Appreciation is from the following.
CODEX - a photoset on Flickr

The author of this book is a graphic designer and an architect in ItalyLuigi Serafini. What is also called "Serafini manuscript" "Seraphin code" that he actually published in 1981 is the encyclopedia called "Codex · Seraphinian". Although he was born in Rome in 1949, he was an architect at first, he became famous by "Codex · Serafinian" and became involved in the design of the performing arts of movies and plays, too. There is no consistent view of the world about the various designs depicted in the book, but it is characterized by all of them becoming an elaborate parody of the real world.

Also, the page published on the above page is a version published in the USA in 1983, not as expensive as the first version published in Italy at the very beginning. For details on this book, please visitWikipediaIt is also listed.

In addition, the low price version published last yearAvailable for purchase hereIt is about 10,000 yen in Japanese yen.

This book is explained in further detail on the following page.


Serafini's Codex


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