"Flash Circle TD" game that creates a tower with different range and attack power and knocks down enemies

The "Flash Element TDAlthough it is a game like a similar game, this enemy does not rush through but it will walk around the stage all the time. Instead of having a castle to defend, 100 enemies on the stage gather over.

Access is from the following.
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title screen.

The game screen looks something like this. Click "GO!" In the upper left to start, so let's set up the first tower before that.

There are 5 kinds of towers. FAST attack speed is fast, attacks enemies with AIR attribute but damage is low FAST.

SPLASH that there is a reasonable attack power and damages the surroundings.

It hits only the enemies of the AIR attribute, but the attack power and the range are as it is AIR.

DAMAGE slow attack speed although it can give heavy damage.

SLOW, which lowers damage but can lower enemy's moving speed.

The enemy will continue to circle around the circumference if it appears from the upper left, and the inner one around if it appears from the right.

When the level exceeds 50, the enemy's HP exceeds 4000 and FAST is useless.

Game over at a level 59 level. As the next enemy will come every 20 seconds, let's interrupt it slowly with PAUSE next to GO! If you want to consider arranging the tower slowly.

The game promotion movie is below.
YouTube - Flash Circle TD 3

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