Free net service "3DWebBox" that creates package-like images

It is a free net service called "3D WebBox" that makes it easy to create images like packages of software. If you prepare images on the left side and the right side, you can create images that look just like that.

Usage is as follows.
Create 3D image of package

First, click "Browse" to specify the image

To make it like it, set the width to 50% on the left side only. You can also change the brightness. This neighborhood is your choice.

Click "Create"

Completion. Download and use it.

In addition, there seems to be a service that creates colorful QR codes.

Funny QR Code Creation Service

From now on, it seems to be planning to create a 3D cube with a QR code pasted or a service to make favicon a 3D cube. Expect great.

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