A fruit-flavored snack in the form of a Lego block appeared

Kelogg, a super famous cornflake which is a synonym of that cereal, sells snacks of fruit flavor in the form of Lego block. Whether or not to be released in Japan at the present time is unknown, it is only in the United States, but it may be placed in a store dealing imported confectionery. It looks pretty obvious that the LEGO block looks like that.

Details are as follows.
Kellogg's Lego Fruit Flavored Snacks

As far as the package is concerned, there seems to be a block of six colors. Is it strawberry taste, grape taste, lemon taste or orange flavor, ... this.

The nutrition ingredient display looks as follows. 80 kcal calories with 25 grams per pack.

ServeImage.aspx (JPEG image, 408 x 652 px)

In fact, this is not the first time for Kellogg to take snacks from the Lego block. We sell stuff from the past in the past.

Legoeggos.jpg (JPEG image, 324 x 220 px)

I officially release it even in Japan, but I will go buy it by haste ... ....

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