A game that tracks tracks at a tremendous speed and attacks with missiles "Jetspeed"

It is a game that chases the escape track, attacks it with missiles and destroys it. On the way, if you find it on a patrolling unmanned aircraft, you will receive a strong attack. Also, contact with other aircraft will reduce life.

Access is from the following.
Games >> Jetspeed

title screen. An aircraft operating around spinning.

The game has advice, usually three types of unattended attack machine training. Advice is appreciated but it is troublesome to read, so suddenly "NORMALLY" does not matter.

The game screen looks something like this. Move cursor key up and down, acceleration / decelerate right and left, missile launch with space key. It is safe to touch the upper and lower walls, but if you hit another aircraft, HEALTH will be reduced by one.

This big truck is the target track.

When destroying, HEALTH and the missile remaining bullet recover.

Touching the red scanned area will cause an attack machine to appear.

An attacking aircraft appeared on the right. I will shoot ten missiles. Gaming is over if you eat even one shot.

In training mode you can practice missile avoidance.

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