Movie to eat tea with chopsticks

It is an experimental movie at the International Space Station, but it shows me how to eat tea with chopsticks without using straws. I also eat lots of other things, but it seems to be very tasty.

If an era where ordinary people can easily go to the universe comes, if you can handle chopsticks with dexterity, there may be advantages.

Details are as below.
It seems to be able to taste even a small amount of time.
YouTube - Drinking tea with chopsticks in microgravity

This is how to eat honey with chopsticks.
YouTube - Opening a can of honey in microgravity

I eat it with honey and peanut butter. Unlike under gravity, it seems that one is in a state like standing up.
YouTube - Eating honey and peanut butter in microgravity

A state of clearing up after eating.
YouTube - Cleaning up after eating in microgravity

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