The lowest price of "PC Success (PC-SUCCESS)" finally went bankrupt

Although it has been reported in various places already, when examining personal computer related products at "price .com", that name which was always in the lowest price candidate that that "PC Success (PC-SUCCESS)Suddenly closed this afternoon, it seems that creditors and police came in front of the shop, people who seemed to be television stations came to filming, it seems to be unusual.

It is a feeling that "There is time to come at last" just because there were lots of bad reviews (cheap and horrible) as well as the delayed delivery in the internet area, packing was not good, and so on.

Details are as follows. The on-site movie is already on YouTube.
It is "AKIBA PC Hotline!" That I've covered at GIGAZINE before while updating it at the present moment. Various pictures and newsletters are coming one after another.

Unexpected change to PC - Success, a person by business partner

(18: 40) A policeman appears in front of the head office.
(19: 05) Police officers and success stakeholders appeared, and there is a notice that the company side will explain later.
(20: 00) The TV station gets interviewed.
(20: 13) A state where creditors get in, but no one is there.
(20: 15) According to the creditors, the PC screen in the office says that an outgoing e-mail screen of "I withdraw logistics temporarily because the goods have been delivered, waiting in the vicinity through the back door."
(20: 30) Officials appeared, "Presenting the announcement of bankruptcy tomorrow" is announced.

And the movie below is uploaded to YouTube. I am shooting something.

YouTube - SUCCESS ('· ω · `)

Even on 2 chances are making a fuss.

2ch search: [success]

Even GIGAZINE ordered the chair which the company uses in July 6, 2006 here, apparently. I have not ordered it ever since, but what I meant to be such a thing ... ....

2007/01/31 23:33 Addendum
Movie of PC-SUCCESS of the dayhad. I guess no one thought at the time that it would be such a thing. You see the head office. And the store manager.

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