Is the encryption of Blu-ray partially overcome?

The other dayA proof movie that broke the HD DVD encryption appeared on YouTubeI took up that, it seems that DRM (encryption) of Blu-ray of the same next-generation DVD was partially broken. The person who broke through also said that the HD DVD also broke through in the same way.

Will it completely break through like this?

Details are as follows.
Gadget Lab: Blu-Ray DRM Cracked

According to this article, those who break through Blu - ray encryption seem to want to be able to help other people by publishing the results on the web. By the way, it seems that pre-alpha version for Blu-ray backup software "BackupBluRay V0.01" for the experimenter has been realized by this breakthrough though it is not incidentally.

The breakthrough result is also posted on the following link.

Blu-ray and AACS - Doom 9's Forum

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