"Mega Mack" sells too much and shifts to limited quantity sales from today

According to McDonald's, initially four days from January 12 (Friday) to January 15 (Monday) on sale it was anticipated to sell 1.68 million meals, but in fact it is about twice that The number of sales of 3.22 million meals was said. It is amazing.

In response to this we will consider from the inventory situation of the current material (Meat Patty) and sales forecast, and it is said that from today (Wednesday), January 17 (Wednesday) it will move to "limited quantity sales".

Details are as follows.
Regarding sales of "Mega Mack"
~ Limited sales start due to record demand and extension of sales period ~

Mega Mack (limited edition sales)


In addition, with this quantity limitation, it seems that the term of quantity limited sales will continue even after February 4 (Sunday) which is the end date of the original promotion period. The actual end date is undecided.

In addition, when reaching quantity limitation and you can not buy MegaMac, you can get "Mega Mak Special Coupon" etc.

Incidentally, the calorie of mega - mac is 754 kcal, protein 42.0 g, lipid 45.9 g, carbohydrate 42.9 g, salt equivalent 2.5 g.

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