GIGAZINE was posted on TV Broth January 6 issue

Bi-weekly TV magazine issued by Tokyo News Tsushin "Television BrothAn interview article to GIGAZINE is posted in the section titled "Net Detective Corps" of. It is said that GIGAZINE will be listed in a famous magazine by posting many articles and columns that are not related to TV at all. Odoroki.

The posted pages are as follows. Also, because it's so, I also write down what I think about recent TV programs etc.
This is the page actually posted. It is posted on page 21.

"I taught the secret of choosing that exquisite neta, I do not think it is impossible to imitate", so I tried answering various questions to the interview for the time being, but because it was too unimaginable content, It should be supposed to be the contents of what it was, but after all it's editing cleanly it will be the limit so far ... .... For those who want to create a site like GIGAZINE, it seems that they are finished with content that should not be very helpful. Although it also touches it in that article, if it is a person who sticks to the computer 24 hours a day, 365 days and does not bother to eat in the net it should be able to work at GIGAZINE. Before that the salary (short)

As it was so, last year I did not watch TV so much, as I introduced ground digital at the end of last year, it will depend on watching various TV programs this year. Especially on January 21 (Sunday) NHK 's "NHK Special" will broadcast a special feature titled "Shock of the Google Revolution ~ Searching for Your Life ~" will change, so I will definitely see it . Although NHK said many things last year, even if it says somewhat, it is a working poor, there is a freetter drifting, it is because NHK is such a thing, it is impossible to think that it will be impossible in the commercial market ___ ___ 0 so. By the way, it was surely the same size that NHK and all of the commercial news were combined. NHK is a huge organization like that. The following page is detailed about the calculation of that.

It should have been public broadcasting should be NHK - business style - nikkei BPnet

So, as you look at the people in the commercial market, the viewing rate directly affects the content, so the content inevitably has a lower level than the high level one. However, because the number of low-level items increased, it seems that there is no such thing as saying whether to raise the viewer's rate or not, which seems to increase the number of people who are seeing the net by accelerating television departure. So, personally it is a good idea to welcome the phenomenon of vulgarization of television, but if you are willing to let it go away, the level of the people as a whole will decline this time, and as a nation that you do not usually consciously call The horrible thing that weakened at the fundamental level of life happens, so it is impossible to think that it is necessary to maintain a certain level of level.

That means that you should not rely only on the audience rating, so you have to make something called the necessary program even if you can not get the viewer's rating, but apparently it shifts to the direction to surely take the audience rating It seems to be doing. For example, NBC, one of the three largest networks in the United States, re-signed a new contract with Toyota, but in doing so, I signed up with a terrible method of "being penalized if I pull a boring program." If this program is not interested in the program itself, CM that flows between the programs is inevitably not seen, so programs with low program interest are not good! It is an intense thing. A method to investigate the degree of program interest is to adopt a question that can be easily answered if you are watching a program at the time of audience rating survey, and, according to the result, to find a so-called "true viewing rate". Details are below.

Toyota strikes the US television world "No program that does not remain impressive" (NB News): NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)

If this system is to work really, the viewing rate will be lowered for programs that are "while watching" or for programs that can not attract viewers' attention for the duration of that time. The audience rating will rise as the program has content ... ... should be. On the contrary, however, this can result in further promoting the vulgarization of continuing only the viewer's interest.

With this, as for network type television such as GyaO etc, we digitize everything such as page view, staying time etc. considerably in detail and measure it accurately. As a result, it is strange that the competition is carried out by an extremely severe numerical value, and if it is normal in the meantime to keep doing it for the time being, the momentum of the news system program does not come out as much as I expected To the phenomenon. In the case of the net, only those who want to see are looking at what they want to see, so it is impossible even to notice even in the case that there is really need to see but originally it is not interesting, in other words before acquiring information and examining It goes through to. There is a danger that you will know the reaction in detail as this happens if you make a mistake correctly, you will advance in unlikely direction.

After all, truly interesting and unexpected things are never understood by statistics and questionnaires. Nintendo's current policy is exactly that. Those produced according to the result of the questionnaire "What kind of things do you think is surprisingly fun?" Can never be "unexpectedly interesting" things. In a sense, Odoroki and Omoshiloi things can only be established under the belief that it aims at absolutely hitting what you never had before. You can understand well by reading the series of interview articles below.

Goto Hiromo's Weekly Overseas News Nintendo Satoshi Iwata Interview with President (1)

I think recently that GIGAZINE does what it is like "information distribution business" as it is. No matter how interesting it is, you have to have a means to know. So, GIGAZINE will continue to pull such various things on behalf of readers and users in the future.

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