The world's largest cylindrical tank "Aquadom"

A gigantic aquarium 25 meters high in the lobby of Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin. Seawater near 1 million liters is contained, 56 kinds, about 2600 fish seem to be swimming. It seems that you can see quite a superb view because you can watch it on a glass-lined elevator.

Details are as below.
Fogonazos: AquaDom, the world's largest cylindrical aquarium

Super huge. Even just looking from the outside is beautiful.

It can be seen from the windows of some rooms in the hotel.

Mysterious landscape.

This is the elevator.

This huge aquarium is the center point of the water-themed shopping mall "DomAquaree", it seems to be a part of the aquarium "Sea Life" in a separate building of what is in the hotel. You can see other pictures from the shopping mall site.

CityQuartier DomAquaree

Videos taken from elevators are here.

YouTube - aquadom

YouTube - Ein Bayer zwischen Ossi 's in Berlin: Aquadom

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