A movie that dances No with Evangelion 's first machine' s face, during a limited time only

A genuine Noh master plays Noh by covering the face of a robot that appeared in the TV animation "Neon Genesis Evangelion". The release is until 29th this month. This movie is one of the Web project "EVA AT WORK" which GAINAX is carrying out, it seems to be composed of Shinji 's conflict, the first machine' s runaway, and motherhood love theme.

Details are below.
Viewing from here. I do not know well what is choreographed.


Information on the Noh master who is dancing is from the following.

Work12 Noh drama announced "Noh Mai Evangelion" by Takao Yamai, the movie is also released for a limited time!

In the magazine login February issue, a report comic is posted and the original movie is recorded on the attached DVD.

By the way, the plan of "EVA AT WORK" so far is below.

Textile by graphic designer Mizuki Tottori

Drawing artist, studio · big art dish made by special working section

A Japanese-style painter, Yoshitoshi Shiomiya's Folding Screen Painting

Housewife, a box lunch by Junko Terashima

Tattoo by sculptor, ABE

Work by an architect, Nezu Takehiko + Sawasei / Roko

Wedding dress with embroidery store, Nagano Kyoko

Photographic works by photographer Kiyomi Kawamoto

Stained glass writer, stained glass by Tsuchiya Takayori (petit)

Mural painting by mural artist, KAMI

Spear of Longinus by wrought iron craftsman, Kaoru Watanabe

For Evangelion the following details.

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