Site listing gods and spirits all over the world

It seems that the names and characteristics of the gods and spirits transmitted around the world and the religion are listed. There are only covers all over the world, with a total number of 4862 and a huge number.

I do not know what it is because of too much.

Details are as follows.
Ye Largishe List ov Gods & amp; Spirits

For example, in the case of "Amaterasu Omikami" transmitted to Shinto of Japan, it is explained as follows.

Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami, Goddess of war and the sun Japan / Shinto

Incidentally, there are also sites that collect the myths of the world in Japan and summarize the characters etc, and this is also fairly fulfilling. Regardless of the number, this may be higher on the degree of content fidelity or searchability.

World Mythology Encyclopedia Dictionary of Pandaemonium


List of Devils - Wikipedia

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