31.8% of users who play Nintendo DS Lite everyday, "brain training" that they often play

This was clarified by a questionnaire survey on "portable game machines", but it seems that 30% of the users who own DS Lite are playing "every day". This is high, even among users of DS, DSLite and PSP, because the average value of "users planned for Christmas" was 22%.

The most played game is "Brain Train", more than 50% are playing in both men and women over thirties. Besides, for each game machine "Where are you using", "Frequently used function", titles and genres of well-played software are summarized.

Details are as follows.
Portable game machine survey result / DIMSDRIVE latest research result by original public questionnaire 【DIMSDRIVE】

It seems that 45% of the total has a handheld game console.

Among them, the frequency of use of those who have plans for Christmas. Why such a population.

It depends on the most used game machines. 31.8% of DS Lite users are using it everyday.

By game machine, the place to use. Are there many people carrying a PSP?

DS, DS Lite, genre of games that play well in PSP. Brain training is overwhelming. Then RPG.

Functions frequently used in DS. Wireless communication is main.

Functions frequently used in PSP. Multimedia function is main.

DS, DS Lite users listed DS, DS Lite "good points"

PSP's "good points" listed by PSP users

In other words, DS users think that the interestingness of DS software is a good point, does PSP users think that multimedia functions other than PSP games are good points?

In this way you can see that the users of DS (Lite) and PSP are really different.

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