"Sanuki Ketokichi Udon" is a juicy cooked meat

I bought it because I saw "Sanuki Katokichi Meat Udon" at a convenience store. Since this product has no release seen anywhereKatokichiI tried calling directly, it seems to be a new product released on Monday, December 11. It says "juicy meat" in the package, but I care whether how juicy it is.

Details are as follows.
Contents are noodles, milk, retort cooked goods (meat), liquid soup.

Pour the hot water only, quickly and wait for 5 minutes. The retort cooked product warms up on the lid.

After 5 minutes, put the retort cooked goods and liquid sprinkle and make it.


When I tried it, the hen is flat and thick type and feels like a high version of Donbu. At best it is not possible, but also, meat noteworthy to mention. It is sweet seasoning like beef rice bowl, lean body is sweet. It matches well with soup and it is very tasty. However, Katokichi was sorry that the flesh udon was delicious, but the noodle was not noticeable. If you make meat udon with this retort meat and frozen udon, you will feel better delicious meat udon.

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