Test the strength of Wii remote control strap

Although it is a strap of the Wii remote control which is intermittently heard a story that the remote controller flew while playing and the flying remote control is hitting the TV ... sometimes I hear it, I tried experimenting at the expense of my strap as to what the actual strength is like That's right.

Details are as follows.
Nintendojo ~ a site to see

According to this article, when I first played and tried it normally, it seems that there was not any influence. And then he tried hanging various things.

Attach a strap to the hook of the banana holder and hang it there

Nintendo DS


Block to put knife (like kitchen stand) and camera bag

A 15 lb (about 6.8 kg) book

A 25 lb (11.3 kg) book

Block to put a knife further

Stop the block and change to about 3 liters of liquid detergent

I tried to draw another 2.5 gallons (about 9.5 liters) of water here, and the hook of the banana holder came flying without being able to endure the weight and hit the nose so it abandoned it.

After all, when I continued pulling the strap with my both hands for a few hours with both hands, it was finally broken.

Apparently there is considerable durability.

By the way, the movie that the strap of the Wii remote control has run out during play is here.
YouTube - Wii remote plus SWEATY HANDS equals SMASH

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