I tried Pitamak winter vegetable chicken and grated sauce nugget

I bought "Pita Mak winter vegetable chicken" and "Grated sauce nugget" which will be released for a limited time from today and tried it at once. What I ate before was Moss Burger - like taste, but what is it like this time thing?

Details are as follows.
Pita Mak winter vegetable chicken is like this. Behind meat is onions and lotus root.

The nugget is the same as usual. It seems that the source is a grated sauce.

Pitamak tastes a bit spicy and sweet. There are also quite a volume. The grated sauce of the nugget is refreshing and has a slightly acidic accent.

College students are developing various original pita at McDonald's Pita Mak site. TOB pita and white curry pita look delicious, but how about pizza of the sea? Will it be commercialized in this original Pita good reputation?

Pita Mak

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