Various kinds of iPod accessories you can not buy

There are various kinds of accessories from Apple 's fortune to 3rd party, but there seems to be an iPod accessory that can not be bought by money in the world. This time I tried to gather such accessories.

Details are as follows.
The first thing that appears is an armor plate for iPod Photo. It seems that I came up with an iPod crushed muddy on the commuter train when I saw that it was exhibited in the auction. Noticeable design is not done, but it is very beautiful after cutting the aluminum.
Armor plate for iPod Photo

It seems that you can purchase something like this overseas. Its name is "iTank", for iPod nano it is $ 45 (about 5260 yen).
IPod Case and MP3 Case machined from solid aluminum

IBrella connecting umbrella and iPod. When opening the umbrella it seems that music playback, stop when closed, volume control twists the handle.

There is something like a movie.
YouTube - iBrella

It also becomes the minimum MAME.
The Littlest MAME Cabinet - Kotaku

Other images are from below.
Scott's Photo Gallery :: Ms. Pac-Man Cabinet

Things that made the old iPod a dock for the new iPod too. It is the cornerstone.
Flickr: Photos from andrewmonks 6

"IPod DJ Mixer" connecting two iPods.
Ipodj: Mobile iPod DJ Mixer

It seems there are enemies called "Numark iDJ". The price is 36,540 yen.
IDJ Mixing Console for iPod

Further evolved "Numark iDJ 2Because ...

Piano type table that can connect iPod. BGM will flow when you have dinner. The price is 8000 dollars (about 930,000 yen).
Welcome to The Concerto Table website: Lovegrove & Repucci

IPod shuffle will be a bottle opener iCapOpener. There seems to be no real thing.
ANDALUX - Infografia & 3D

There is also a movie, but if you actually use the iPod will break ...
YouTube - iCapOpener

It is not an iPod accessory, but iBrator. Who is this person who thought about this?
Apple iBrator - Google Video

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