Today is the monthly "Windows Update" monthly, seven cases in total

It was 6 cases last month, but this month it is 1 case with 7 cases. There are three urgent items and four important items. Let's update it with haste. From the last timeWindows XP SP1 is not applicableIt is necessary to update SP2 after installing it in order to receive updates since the last time.

Windows Update

Details are as follows.
Security information of December 2006

Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (925454) (MS 06-072)

Vulnerability in Visual Studio 2005 Could Allow Remote Code Execution (925674) (MS 06 - 073)

Vulnerability in Windows Media Format could allow remote code execution (923689) (MS 06 - 078)

Vulnerability in SNMP could allow remote code execution (926247) (MS 06 - 074)

Vulnerability in Windows Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (926255) (MS 06 - 075)

Cumulative security update for Outlook Express (923694) (MS06-076)

Vulnerability in Remote Installation Service (RIS) Could Allow Remote Code Execution (926121) (MS 06 - 077)

In addition, next month will be available on Wednesday, January 10, 2007 in Japan time.

Security information release schedule

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