A movie thrusting into a moving bridge where the ship has not risen

A movable bridge is a bridge that allows a ship to pass by pulling in and bouncing a bridge. The movable bridge appearing in the movie is of the type that raises the bridge paddle, but the bridge paddle does not rise despite the ship's arrival, and the ship that has thrust in at a great speed is directly striking the bridge.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
YouTube - Boat hits bridge. More fun @ www.datisbasis.nl

This accident was on 11th August 2001 that the cargo ship called Windoc hit the Allenburg bridge on the Welland Canal in Ontario, Canada. The cause seems to be a mistake by the operator who raises or lowers the bridge paddle, but the ship's thrust well a lot ...

The bumped Windoc. It's torn because the fire also occurred after the collision.

Allenburg bridge after the accident. You are indenting.

Near the site after the accident. You can check after you hit the bridge.

Near the site of Google Maps Photo

The report of this accident by the Canadian Transportation Safety Commission is as follows.

TSB Reports - Marine 2001 - M01C0054

A movie hitting a small boat trying to bring down an aquarium. Let's check around properly.

YouTube - ship crash

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