"X51.ORG" became a program on Gyao

"X51.ORG" is a famous site dealing with occult and paranormal phenomena, but since December 6, 2006 (Wednesday), we have released a program of inspections in North America this year, as a program on Gyao. If I thought that there were not many articles recently, it seems that I was pursuing big news.

Details are as follows.
Videos can be seen from the following.


The 1st series is about the trip to North America, this week visit to Roswell, next week we visit Arizona Sedona and the next week is an inspection of that area 51. It is a content that makes UFO broadcasting over the early 1980s to the beginning of 1990 and programs that follow paranormal phenomena into a daunting content, so it may be good to take a look at those programs that you love.

X51.ORG: Occult News for Nerds, Truth is Out There.

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