Open source system monitoring that runs on Windows "HealthMonitor"

There is "HealthMonitor" as an open source system monitoring tool distributed under the GNU license, and it works as a Windows service. CPU load, memory, free space on hard disk, event, service, Ping, HTTP checking etc are possible. Monitor results can be notified by mail or messenger service at specified intervals. Furthermore, the recorded log can be saved with MySQL, MS SQL, etc. I feel that all the basic functions are in line.

So I downloaded it and used it.
HealthMonitor Web Site - Welcome to Health Monitor

Operating conditions are Windows 2000 or higher, and .NET Frameworks 1.1 or higher is installed.

Click on it to download it

Click "Next"

Click "I Agree"

Click "Next"

Click "Install"

Click "Finish"

Click Yes to register as a service

The new icon added to this task tray is "HealthMonitor"

Right click and press "Settings" to start setting

At first this is the screen. On the left is the setting item

It is possible to decide here whether to always transmit the check result or to send the result only when the status has changed or to send it every set time even if the status has not changed

This is a new version check

Setting items can be exported and backed up.

Selection of database to use. It works without problems even if it is not chosen.

The system check is in a plug-in format, and each item is basically such a screen. It is settable by clicking "Configure".

This is a disk capacity check

CPU load check

Memory check


It is also possible to run scripts on a regular basis

Check service

You can also monitor file attributes, update time, file size change, name change, etc.

Ping monitoring is also possible

Reading by HTTP is also possible. The monitoring interval is at least 60 seconds or more.

You can specify where you want to send mail when a change occurs in the monitoring result. SMTP authentication is also available.

It also supports SMS. It is not very meaningful in Japan ....

You can also notify by messenger service

It can also be monitored by script

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